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Fully sustainable villages filled
with opportunity

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Abéné is home to 5000 people. Nearly eighty percent of the village has no electricity.
The school lacks essential supplies. Unemployment levels are high.
This is typical of rural Africa.

But together we can change this.

In partnership with Lighting Up Lives and the people of Abéné, you can create a brighter future for the village.

Abéné is the pilot site for Lighting Up Lives. Our aim is to scale-up and partner with other villages in rural Africa.

Lighting Up Lives. Join us in meeting needs. One village at a time.

With the support of partners like you …

We’ve delivered

A container full of medical and school supplies and equipment has arrived in the

We’ve teamed for transformation

Project leader Doug Manuel shows us villagers and Swiss visitors working together
to renovate school classrooms.

Partner with us now to …

Bring solar power to the medical centre and the primary school
Electricity in the village is unreliable. School computers gather dust, the medical centre’s ultrasound equipment can’t be used, and babies are delivered in the dark. The purchase of solar panels will light up the lives of students, medical staff and newborns. The village is prepared to donate part of the costs and do the installation. You can partner with them through your donation.

Provide scholarships for primary school students
Children are keen to learn but some families cannot afford school costs. Without an education, children face a dim future. A scholarship will pay for a child’s school uniform, school bag, books, pens and paper for a year. A portion of the funds will be added to a pool established by teachers to cover children’s medical costs – yet another way community members are contributing to local needs. Your donation will create a brighter future for a primary school child.

Purchase an ambulance
Medical emergencies can strike at any moment. More When they do, urgent and specialized response may be needed that exceeds what the village medical centre can offer. Yet the nearest ambulance is hours away and it can take up to five hours for patients to reach the regional health centre. With an ambulance in the village, people will be taken for help immediately. Your donation will allow the sick and injured a better chance of being treated in time.

Bring running water to the clinic
Clean water is basic to the safety and care of a woman giving birth. Yet the maternity ward at the village medical centre has no running water, sinks or toilet. Four babies are born each week on average. Sanitation is a must. Your donation will permit pure water from the local well to be piped to the clinic for sanitation services.

This is just the beginning.

You can join our journey to empower the people of Abéné – helping them take advantage of
the wealth of resources around them.

Make it real