You can help build the future of Africa

Fully sustainable villages filled
with opportunity

Make it real

Abéné is home to 5000 people. Nearly eighty percent of the village has no electricity.
The school lacks essential supplies. Unemployment levels are high.
This is typical of rural Africa.

But together we can change this.

In partnership with Lighting Up Lives and the people of Abéné, you can create a brighter future for the village.

Abéné is the pilot site for Lighting Up Lives. Our aim is to scale-up and partner with other villages in rural Africa.

Lighting Up Lives. Join us in meeting needs. One village at a time.

With the support of partners like you …

We’ve delivered

A container full of medical and school supplies and equipment has arrived in the

We’ve teamed for transformation

Project leader Doug Manuel shows us villagers and Swiss visitors working together
to renovate school classrooms.

This is just the beginning.

You can join our journey to empower the people of Abéné – helping them take advantage of
the wealth of resources around them.

Make it real